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August 1st, 2006

07:54 pm: How to write complex, real royals true-to-character
I’m stealing the phrasing of the suggestion exactly as [info]lovelikeheaven put it in the poll, since I like it.

Some ideas )

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September 22nd, 2004

11:29 pm: Peasant rant
Right. So. The peasant rant.

Those cultured, intelligent, open-minded, hippie peasants? Imported from the author’s brain, methinks )

I’ve heard people complain that, if someone paid attention to all these aspects of writing medieval fantasy, the story would be too hard to write.

1) Bullshit. There are authors who manage it, especially Martin.
2) Why do you want to skimp on the details and write the next silly singing peasant girl going off with her troupe of performing monkeys party members? That’s stepping deliberately into one of the most stereotypical storylines.
3) Why do you want to write medieval fantasy if you’re going to ignore the complications? Medieval fantasy isn’t the end-all and be-all of the genre, but I do think if you’re going to write it, it should be because you love the period, not because you’re in love with a shallow version of it.

Also, the next rant shall be on ways to step out of writing medieval fantasy. So if you have a problem with 3, you could wait until then.

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September 18th, 2004

10:59 pm: Rant on royalty
Just on royals, this time. Thanks to [info]melarin for the idea.

You might be medieval, but there’s no need to be pseudo-medieval )

Perhaps peasants shall be next.

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May 25th, 2004

05:17 pm: Genealogy rant.
May seem like a weird subject to rant about, but I prefer to think of it as a “very specific to fantasy” subject. Or maybe those weird dynastic romance novels that marry half a dozen sisters off.

Making genealogy work for you )

Genealogy is a pain, but leaving it up to chance will enslave you to that pure chance more quickly than almost any other aspect of a fantasy story.

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April 3rd, 2004

09:25 pm: Standing on ceremony
Inspired by too much reading of grand court scenes, and mutters to myself of, "How would that work?"

If you're going to stand on ceremony, make sure the footing is firm )

Might do something on hunting tomorrow. Too many fantasy heroes are perfect masters of the hunt the first time around.

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February 3rd, 2004

06:53 pm: Castles.
I have a book called Very Bad Poetry. It's one of the most hilarious things in existence. And Fred Emerson Brooks, one of the worst poets ever to walk the earth, is in there.


From a patriotic poem:

Fear not, grand eagle
The bay of the beagle!

From a baby talk poem:

There ain't much edutation
In such a 'little head;
Besides, I is so s'eepy
And wants to do to bed...

Something's seeping around here, all right.

Castles! )

Just a sampling of some of the problems. May do more tomorrow.

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