[info] @ 11:58 pm: I have to admit, I'd love to see a story in which the Mole waits until the very end to betray the protagonist... at which point we learn that the protagonist was wrong. Maybe he or she had good intentions... but the Evil Overlord is actually a decent ruler who is doing his or her best to preserve the freedoms of the land, and that the people who backed the protagonist did so out of greed and desire for power (they were expecting to step into the power vacuum).

You could even have the Mole protest afterward that he or she can't keep doing this... and tell the Not-So-Evil Overlord of several things that were noticed and need fixing... and have the Ruler agree to have something done. And then not kill the Mole or the like... but send the Mole off, rewarded... and find some way to reform the protagonist. Or even do the smart thing and kill him/her if the Ruler is a benign but not stupid Overlord. ;)

Rob H.

P.S. - I must admit, I rather enjoy your rants. I wish you'd redo your psychic power one with a wider venue: perhaps looking at psychics and psychic powers in a science fiction setting (with the subset of the superhero genre) and how to more effectively write these abilities. Of course, I say that seeing I'm starting to rewrite some old stories with psychic abilities in it and am taking it down a slightly darker path than McCaffery did with her Pegasus books....


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