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6) Consider what place loyalty will play in a politician’s life. Admittedly, I’m mostly including this one because I like political fantasy, but it’s also applicable to other subgenres of fantasy that do not involve a straightforward attempt to save the world, a conflict of protagonist and villain. If your protagonist is a politician, maybe she can’t always prize loyalty above all else. A supporter who skims a bit of money off the top might be more valuable than a subordinate who is deeply faithful to her but can’t keep his mouth shut about the secrets that he’s entrusted with.

This is especially a problem if your protagonist is a leader of a nation, large organization, etc. He's probably going to have to deal with competing factions, feuds between some of his subordinates, and in some medieval-type societies possibly open conflict between them. The protagonist will have to try and play the game, managing and earning the trust of his subordinates while not ending up too tied in problematic ways, and that will likely require a flexible definition of "loyalty".


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