[info]purplekitte @ 02:37 am: Nice rant. The Mole is so often clearly good (and turns to the hero's side and is easily forgiven) or clearly mouth-frothingly evil, and stupid either way.

I know in a parody rewriting of mine I have great fun turning every scene of "You want to save the world yourself, without letting me, the hero, do it. Your clearly stupid methods will clearly make things worse, so now I must kill you to stop you. You terrible traitors to me, your best friend you met three days ago!" into "I surrender to you and your cause. Now as your loyal servant, allow me to assist you in our shared goal as much as possible. Except your plans will need a slight revision because they revolve around various people I... maybe accidentally assassinated two chapters ago. Oopsies. Hey, how about this plan I just thought up that, humbly, isn't mind-numbingly stupid?"


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