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10:18 am: Rant on flawed characters (again)


Date:June 19th, 2010 05:52 pm (UTC)
I friended you mostly because of your rants on Livejournal.

Good point on flaws. I've started working on a story where the teenage protagonist (yes, I'm using one) is easily disgusted with his family, knows that the "child of his virginity" (that is, the first time he has sex, he will have a kid and it will be important; if he tries to get around this, there will be hell to pay. He's the son of his father's virginity, and so on down the line) so he has to stay a virgin until the right time. Meanwhile, his brothers can sleep around, and it pisses him off to no end.

Considering your old rant "are your characters sane today?", I decided that the reason he goes on the Quest is because the person who is taking him on this Quest has the attitude of "I have authority, I expect to be obeyed, I don't have to listen beneath me." That attitude comes back around to bite everyone in the butt.
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