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10:18 am: Rant on flawed characters (again)


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Date:December 18th, 2009 04:10 pm (UTC)
One thing I found to help with 'interview flaws' was to phrase them as flaws, rather than as neutral attributes or 'too *virtue*'. So stubbornness becomes pig-headedness, and 'too trusting' becomes naive or ignorant. It's easier to write a flaw when you have it phrased as a flaw.

It also makes me think prospective writers should check out fandom, especially a big one, like Harry Potter. No matter how bad the villain is, he'll have fans, and someone will have woobified him, or decided he's the main hero of the series. No matter how virtuous the hero, someone hates his guts. Many of them have a point, but there's a few that make everyone else wonder what books they were reading. Even if JK Rowling was the best writer in the world, she couldn't make all of her fans love Harry (or Ron or Hermione or Dumbledore or Ginny) and all of them hate/love-as-a-villain Voldemort, Fenrir or Umbridge.
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