(Anonymous) @ 10:14 pm: in rgds: Point #2, this was actually touched upon in a JRPG called Tales of the Abyss. There's a lot of build-up, but to simplify it: Our Hero character discovers he has a strong affinity with some of the magitech keeping the world in order. The Bad-Guy-In-Plain-Sight encourages him to alter one of those machines... with the end result that Our Hero actually destroys an entire city and everyone in it. (There's a particularly horrific scene of a little kid drowning.) All the other Player Characters then take the opportunity to smack him upside the head and call him an idiot. At this point, the player doesn't know what to think, because Our Hero (justifiably) has total amnesia--like, had to relearn how to walk--and Bad-Guy-In-Plain-Sight has been a mentor figure to him for, literally, longer than he can remember. Of course, he's also a whiny, self-indulgent jerk, which doesn't help his case; even if "But I didn't know the machine would kill everybody" is the truth (which it is), he sure doesn't say it well. It's a big mess. (Especially since one of those other Player Characters knows why Luke has total amnesia, but has kept that knowledge from him up until now. If you keep playing, though, Like's about to find out.)

Long story short, the hero has committed a massacre, and his teammates are responding appropriately. ...And some of us players resent them for it! (Of course, others of us just think Luke was a total moron. The one thing the Tales series knows how to do is create interesting, complex characters that players respond to.)


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