[info]blunderbuss @ 02:44 pm: You're doing more rants! Hooray!

I really love this rant, because creating flawed characters and doing them well is probably THE most important part of writing. Number 4 is especially great.

1. I'd like to tattoo this onto the back of the hands of every movie-maker in existance. I can't count how many times a movie has been ruined for me because I was supposed to support or dislike a character but I did the exact opposite, and then I sat and sizzled on how glorified/unfair their treatment seemed in the movie.

This, I think, ESPECIALLY applies to villains. You can still have an unlikeable hero but it's nearly impossible to have an intimidating villain when you think they're, well, likeable and seemed quite justified.

2. I'd also add that if a character does NOT regard the character the way they're 'supposed' to, it does not make them MEANIEZ.


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