(Anonymous) @ 10:28 am: Welcome back!
So glad you're back and getting better! And don't worry about the writer's block - most of us are just happy you're alive, so we'll be thrilled with whatever you can manage.

"Let her work with other people; that will build up the secondary characters more and save your heroine from leaping to “intuitive” conclusions about things she can’t actually know and becoming an Author’s Darling."

I recently started focusing on this with two different stories, as part of a more general "flesh our your minor characters, goddammit" kick. Both involve scientific/scholastic collaboration, and it's surprising how fun that is to write. It really forces some serious worldbuilding, too. In any case, if a character asks a lot of questions and consults with other people, they seem much smarter than the Author's Darling who pulls the "intuitive" crap left and right.


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