[info] @ 10:38 am: Welcome back! I was starting to wonder where you'd gone.

Could I ask you for a favor? I know this seems terribly opportunistic especially since you've just come back online after this long, but a friend of mine, shuju_the_red ( is facing eviction if she can't gather $2,500 within a few days. She lives in the Philippines and this amount is very, very hefty for her; combined that with the fact that she had to bribe the police to get her mother out of a military camp not long ago--it cost her $10,000--she's severely hard-pressed to dredge up more money right now.

My own journal has limited exposure and I was hoping you might be willing to link to my friend's entry ( detailing Ju's circumstances, because every cent will help. I'd understand if you find my request inappropriate considering how long it's been since we last talked (if you even remember me), though.


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