(Anonymous) @ 02:33 am:
a) times when mass communication is available, thus transmitting information more quickly than happens in your typical fantasy world,

This is a big one. If your plot is taking place in an era where communication is slow and literacy is rare, a lot of news is going to be spread by word-of-mouth.

One other thing - I would think a good villain would see the value in too much information as well as too little. Perhaps he puts out tons of different possible plans through people he suspects of being funnels for information to his enemies, so they have to do the painstaking work of trying to figure out what he's actually planning. That kind of ties into your point about the villain lying due his monologue.

Anyways, good to have you back. I did seriously consider that you had either died or become incapacitated by long-term illness; you had mentioned that you were suffering from frequent illness in your November post, and it does happen.


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