(Anonymous) @ 07:23 am: Yeah, tell me about it. It doesn't help that one of her last posts (later taken down here) mentioned being sick. After watching a couple hours of medical shows where seemingly innocuous colds turn deadly, it starts to make you wonder.

Well in any case, I'm tempted to do some cyber-sleuthing. What do we know? She's an English grad student, working on a PhD thesis as of 2008, which may or may not be completed by now. Her thesis may or may not be on "Victorian literature and ecocriticism." She mentioned grading student work a few times, which probably means she was/is an associate professor somewhere, most likely a bigger school. I assume she lives in the U.S. or Canada - I don't recall any lingo that would indicate otherwise. Feel free to add anything else you know, and I'll put my google-fu to the test over Christmas break.


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