(Anonymous) @ 05:55 am: What does it say about me - or maybe Limyaael's writing - that I'm still checking this journal every now and then despite no updates for over a year?

My writing abilities would not be where they are today had I not encountered her rants several years ago. They never explained "show, don't tell" in high school English. They never told us that using "said" is better than more elaborate speaking verbs 90% of the time. They never warned us against purple prose and infodumps (oh God, infodumps make me physically cringe now, and not just with books). Today these are all things I notice instinctively as signs of amateurish writing, but had they not been pointed out to me, I wonder if I ever would have figured it out. If by some miracle I become a published author one day, Limyaael is getting a shout-out in my acknowledgments. Her common sense, practical, snarky approach to writing never fails to educate me.

Eh, just had to get that off my chest. Even if she never comes back, I'll keep checking every few months. Teachers this good are hard to come by, and hard to let go of. :(

/stalker-ish fangirling


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