[info]kellicat @ 10:13 pm: 1. While Reason gets smarter, J.T. and Tom seem to get more stupid. There's one 'romance' scene in Book 3 where I cringed and felt like yelling at the author "I think that they're smart enough not to do this!"

2. Reason's passivity is not because she doesn't know things that the reader doesn't know. It's because she's being led by a guardian spirit, which I still found irritating.

3. It's not just Reason who's blind. Everyone else suffers from genre blindess and plot-induced stupidity on this one plot point, too (Even Esmeralda, who you would think would know better)

Just buy them used. The climax and ending are good, but it requires a lot of patience to get there. I would suggest not reading the second book until you can get a copy of the third book. Reading the third book right after the second book makes it a lot more tolerable.


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