[info]ide_cyan @ 05:09 pm: Re: BIG BOOK-ASS DESTROYING SPOILERS FOR DUST
The problems with Carnival started fast for me, and the ecological world-building which could have been interesting rather made the political world-building worse.

This LJ entry may be TMI for you (I skimmed it), since it's a big, autobiographical confession of personal trauma, but it refers to the source of some of those issues:

Salient quote, referring to the woman with whom she & her bio mother lived: "She was also a really nasty-ass lesbian separatist, but I try not to hold people's crazy politics against them. And besides, I got a book out of it." (Although Bear doesn't specify which book, & I don't want to wade through too many of her personal entries to look for more information.) She makes references to being raised by lesbian separatists elsewhere, in discussions of feminism and so forth, which are less loaded.


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