[info]limyaael @ 04:38 pm: Re: BIG BOOK-ASS DESTROYING SPOILERS FOR DUST
Carnival was one of those novels whose enjoyment for me was considerably lessened in retrospect. At first I had problems with how much of the plot seemed left to hang in mid-air; then I started thinking about the premise of the universe and realized I didn't believe in it; and then I realized how much the characters seemed focused on "the goodness of the male," rather than on how the society might be genuinely different with women in control and offer something to women that male-dominated societies didn't. (Many of the women seemed relatively unhappy, because- of course- they wanted relationships with males that the society disapproved of).

Huh. I didn't know that. I generally try to stay away from biographical explanations unless the author freely admits it (like Steven Brust admitting the divorce his character goes through is reflective of his own divorce). What disappointed me about this was that Bear does seem to make a conscious effort to deal with issues of race, sexuality, etc., and so I'm very surprised this blind spot exists.


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