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09:14 pm: Writing character clash stories


Date:August 8th, 2008 11:17 am (UTC)

Publish Your Rants?

Hi, Arin!

Just discovered your old LJ account through some research for an article I've been writing. Your rants, however, captured my attention - so much so that I've spent several hours this last week catching up on them.

Any chance you'd be collecting your rants into a self-published hardcopy periodical (perhaps through, or convincing some publisher that they ought to take a chance on such a book? Because I also teach storytelling at the Art Institute of Seattle, and if I could assign a book of your rants as a classroom text, I'd do so in a second.

Thanks for posting, and keep me informed about your rants. (BTW, I notice you haven't posted any in quite a while. Everything okay?)


- Phil "Satyrblade" Brucato
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