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Limyaael... this might be awkward (especially considering that I'm a girl)
but I love you.
haha okay this rant is one of my favourites! I found your rants about a year ago and have, since then, obsessively read them/stalked you from the shadows. So I'm coming out of the shadows. Hi.

I'm currently trying to write a story that, upon much attempted plotting, has become very character clash-y. So, I'm going to read this rant about a million times. number 1 and number 4 are going to be the most challenging to me. and I suppose that I should be careful for number 5, because I have 4 protagonists from different cultures.
-Elena is a refugee from an island that was destroyed. She is a minority, and is discriminated against. She doesn't let this get to her, she's very determined. She's also the only white character in the book. (why can't fantasy have more diversity? This is coming from a white girl, but whatever.) She is close to Stahrra.
-Aidan comes from a meritocratic society that values intelligence above all else. There is no racism and the sexes are equal, but they are cruel to anyone unintelligent. They actually control who can reproduce. He is very smart and supports the system because it benefits him and he is quickly gaining prominence in politics. He's disdainful of un-education.
-Stahhra is from a smaller city of farmers. She is uneducated, as women there are. She is stubborn and emotional. She wants nothing more than for her mother to arrange her marriage, but in her superstitious world, a woman, such as herself, who has had 2 suitors die before they were married... is a bit unlucky. She is very good friends with Elena, who lives in her city.
-Morgan comes from an unknown island (or something like that) where they practice a sort of human sacrifice. Morgan volunteers, and for 5 years, he is the most exaulted person in society. He has great political and social power. But he gets scared. Before he is sacrificed, he runs away. He is later ashamed and reclusive. He pretends to be from another city, but he is terrified that someone will discover him.

when they all come together with a common goal (it's sort of a typical bad fantasy goal, I'll admit) they don't get along. I've become far more interested in their group dynamic than in their actual goal. hmmm...

Sorry for the long comment/post/thingy! I'll probably go back to stalking you from the shadows again! Bye!

-The Littlest Chocobo


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