(Anonymous) @ 02:52 am: I may be insane, but atleast I don't center around the hero...
I have a group of international children in my fantasy story that are pushed together NOT because they are the Chosen Ones, but mainly because someone could easily mistake them for Chosen Ones and try to kill them. The most apathetic Empiress you could ever meet governs them. She didn’t even have the decency to match them in the right countries and cultures when she arranged their foster homes. I am glad to say I am following some of your ambrosial advice already. They all share a common desire to identify with their homelands, as well as *Supa Powas* accidentally passed down to them. Here is where they start at…
A short Rollcall by importance in the story… >_>
Amahara: 9, Ethiopian raised in Greece. Has visited 13 countries, but never her own. Feels ashamed of her red skin, her “boyish” foster name and her neglectful foster father. The “Darn, I’m Awesome… But I don’t brag” Hero.

Britannia: 9, Anglo-Saxon princess wanna-be who is sad that her blue-collar Greek neighbors know more European high society than she does. “I really, really, really wanna be a Hero” Hero.

Aumanil: 12, Inuit Canadian who is ashamed to know European high society. Was taken to a “finishing school” for Natives at 8. “……… Reluctant” Hero.

Danaan: 14, Irish globe trotting social butterfly, old enough to remember real parents and feels responsible for all the kids.

Ikariko: 11, Japanese and proud of it. Too bad he is stuck in Greece and everyone expects him to be some Chosen Child… Or worse, Japan’s next Emperor.

Yasmine: 7, Sephardi Jew who has been in many foster homes until she was adopted by an Ashkenazi teenager. Timid, she doesn’t know where to start to know who she is, so she stays by Amahara.

Ishmael: 10, Egyptian/Greek, not that he’d ever, EVER admit the latter. Sees nothing of value outside of Cairo. Nothing. Maybe girls. But dark-skinned girls…

Chibiris: 6, young Incan girl raised in Puerto Rico until she came to Greece. Has no idea where she is from, and for now is just the cuteness factor. When older, she’ll string along behind others until fed-up with being ignored and discover Peru.

There are about 30 different stories in this for them growing up, between Aumanil and Ishmael’s constant partnerships to escape Greece, to Danaan taking Chibi-chan to the New World for the first time since she left, to Britannia bribing Aumanil into giving her aristocracy lessons, to Amahara’s little gang of their cities’ most prominent Afro-Grecian debutantes…

Then there’s the dragon-training, the space-traveling, aliens, deities, magic, high-tech, and weird as hell aspects that also get thrown in. >_<

I read your rants every night. ~Proserpina
Please, keep me in your, umm, "prayers"... (And by that I mean help me!)


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