(Anonymous) @ 02:05 am: Re: Race/Gender
Wow. Maybe I've missed something this poster did in some other thread, but otherwise this seems absurdly over-harsh. I have seen him critique your writing, harshly, but never in a way that seemed to be particularly mean-spirited so much as blunt and not sugar-coated. Here, it seems to me, he has disagreed with your contention that people of varied races and genders should always be important protagonists, lest the story become sullied by having too many important white males.

I fail to see why either of these could possibly be bannable offenses. It genuinely strikes me as odd.

PS: I don't have a clue if IJ let's you ban IPs, but in case it does, and you're of a mind to do so to me, please don't. My girlfriend is a huge fan of yours and reads your rants regularly on my computer, so doing so would cause her needless pain. If you feel the urge to ban me, instead please just ask that I never post here again, and I will comply. Thank you.


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