(Anonymous) @ 10:13 pm: I'm currently reading Holy Smokes right now, and am getting SO annoyed at how the heroine manages to remain ignorant and bumbling into book 4. Sure, she's got plenty of "tendency towards certain mistake" going on, but in all the books, there's generally no good reason why certain people won't tell her anything, and it's downright ridiculous how she cannot, for the life of her, get more than the occasional tidbit of information out of anyone. Especially when the guild she "supposedly" belongs to does whatever they can to make sure she doesn't get training. You'd think at some point someone would think, "Gee, let this girl run around with no training and she somehow keeps summoning demons and crap by mistake. MAYBE IT'D BE A GOOD IDEA TO TELL HER HOW NOT TO DO THAT."

Ugh, idiot plots. I don't know why I am reading this series. Not sure I'll continue with it either.


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