[info]dove_cg @ 08:32 am: I love your reviews almost as much as I love your rants
I finally decided to get an Insane Account so I could respond to you again. :3

All of these books sound interesting to me, though I worry that George Meredith may hurt my head. Then again, I love Krazy Kat... and that also hurts my head (but I manage to muddle through it every time and feel quite pleased once I'm done.)

I am curious though... "ignores the whole experience of the female culture (a very different one from the official, male culture)" makes me wonder what exactly the female culture is. I mean, I'm female... but then, I had very few close female friends and none of us were "girly" (of those few, we were/are all very, very geeky.) Then again, it's very hard to define "girly" nowadays. Stereotypes for men broaden constantly but those of women remain minimal... or is it the other way around? I don't know. I would love it if you could shed some light on my confusion. :)


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