[info]limyaael @ 03:56 pm: It's definitely worth reading.

There's a lot of argument in some brands of feminism about whether there can actually be male feminists, if you mean it's "exclusionary" in that sense. If you mean with that statement about "what's the big deal?" that you don't see the point of feminism...well, then, you really don't understand, for the same reason that whites often don't understand anti-racist arguments, or people who have always been middle-class often don't understand the push for better conditions and wages for the working class. I don't think there's anything inherent in biological males that makes them incapable of understanding feminism. But I don't see any reason to spend time justifying myself to a male (or a woman) who argues that sexism doesn't exist or that I shouldn't be a feminist because "women don't have it all that bad."


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