(Anonymous) @ 07:09 pm: Interesting. The last point is the only one where I really disagree with you.

First, I don't think an anti-hero character needs to be less introspective. An antihero might well question himself, realize that what he's doing is wrong and... not care. It's wrong, but it helps him or feels good, so he does it anyway. On the other hand, a heroic character might do what he firmly believes is right but never stop to question his beliefs, and thus end up doing more harm than good.

I also disagree that an anti-hero wouldn't feel deep horror or love "to the point of driving them to do the impossible or the impossibly risky while ignoring their personal safety". This sort of feelings can drive fantasy characters to heroic deeds but then again, they could also drive them to less heroic deeds; for instance, an anti-hero might betray his friends to the enemy in exchange of the enemy freeing his love interest.


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