[info]arterialspray @ 07:02 pm: Kellhus
Anasurimbor Kellhus, from the Prince of Nothing series, is in many respects the ultimate anti-hero (and he's not the only one populating the pages of that trilogy -- Cnaiur is also a rather nasty anti-hero). Kellhus is a master manipulator, an adherent of an utterly ruthless rationality that is devoid of human sentiment, and that transcends all human customs, conventions, and morality.

While he is emotionally stunted (except in the sense that he purposefully fakes emotional responses as a means to manipulate those around him), I am not certain that "less introspective" is really a correct description of Kellhus. He does seem to _doubt himself_ less than Drusus Achamian (who is arguably the 'hero' of the story), except towards the very end when he rejects the Thousandfold Thought thingy. But doubting/questioning oneself and introspection are not quite the same thing.


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