[info]slimshadowen @ 07:22 pm: I'm surprised you didn't mention that one test.
Can't remember what it's called. And I am ashamed for that. But it's a litmus test for determining whether writing might be called feminist.

a) Are there at least two female characters?
If yes, go to b. If no, this test does not apply.
b) Do at least two of these female characters interact socially with each other?
If yes, go to c. If no, this test does not apply, but you might want to consider having them interact.
c) When they interact socially, do they talk about something other than men?
If yes, your work has a real shot at being feminist.
d) When they talk about something other than men, is it otherwise not related to their personal sex or sexuality (i.e. if one is a lesbian, she does not spend all her time talking to her straight friend confessing her affection/love)? This means that if they at least one is a sexologist, they may talk in clinical terms about sex and you may still answer yes.
If yes, your work is most likely feminist.

Of course, you might have assumed that this automatically applied, and if so...I go derp derp derp.


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