(Anonymous) @ 11:37 pm: What a great rant.

I'm guilty of obsessive amounts of 'interactive fiction.' I love writing, but more, I like writing in tandem with other people. More, I like it in a game setting where I don't know the conclusion, but have the ability to work towards it.

Now, admittedly, some authors know the conclusion, some don't, and some think they do and find it's changed when they get there.

Now where was I?

Oh, yes. Female characters, especially female characters in the fantasy genre.

I play male PCs.

When I started, this was a safety valve. It was much safer online to play a male PC, and it likely still is. Later, I stuck with it because it by then was habit.

However, looking back, I'll admit that what you've written above probably had alot to do with it. Having never seen or read many (at that point) strong, interesting, multidimensional female characters, they were harder for me to imagine or play. Whereas, playing males definitely opened up those possibilities.

Now that right there is a problem.

- Ruggs


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