[info]kellicat @ 04:22 am: I like this rant because it hits on several things that I would like to see in fantasy writing and things that I want to do in my own writing.

For example, the younger sister of my protagonist is asexual and she remains asexual. At one point, she becomes really close to a male character and everybody thinks that they're in love, which exasperates both her and her male friend. They're close friends and they remain close friends for the rest of their lives. She has no interest in children and no lightning bolt comes down to tell her that she's wrong either. She's also devoted to her work without being a workaholic.

I especially liked #7 because it drives me crazy that authors force their female characters to choose between work and children. Men can get away with having a family and serious work but women can't in their warped little worlds. "Oh you want to be warrior and have children? Forget it! You have to give your sword to raise your children otherwise you'll be a horrible mother..."
As far as I'm concerned, that's a load of dog crap that needs to be scooped up and thrown into the trash. My protagonist wants to have children and keep up her work and she sees nothing wrong with that.

I would also love to see some female philosopher protagonists on the scene.


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