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-The woman who’s been hurt and whose life is not suddenly 100% better because a goddess chooses her or a man falls in love with her; she sets her sights on a goal and works towards it, even though complete healing may not be possible.

I sorta did this with a character. She'd been raped, and she eventually got it into her head that if she could be intimate with a man and enjoy it, that meant she was healed. When she was with someone, she did find it cathartic and was glad to have done it, but realized she wasn't "over it" and being able to enjoy physical intimacy again didn't mean the nightmares would stop.

Of course, same character had also decided that if she could just rescue one person from danger, then everything she'd been through would have meaning and she would be okay. Found said person already dead.

So really a huge theme of the whole story is about the healing process and that there's no magical instant fix.


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