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10:32 am: I has a feminist science fiction class!


Date:December 20th, 2007 08:46 pm (UTC)
COngratulations, and good choices! I would love to atted your class!

For upcoming seasons I would like to suggest Joan Sloncewski´s "A Door to ocean"

Also Elanor Arnasson`s "A Woman of the Iron People"and "Ring of Swords" Both deal with alien races and their reproductive habits (and biology)which deeply mark their societies and the role of women in them. "A Woman.." tells the tale of a female alien, humanoid, who contravened her people´s habits and remained with her male beyond the mating season. Of course, she is exiled, and while wandering she meets a n anthropologist from earth who has just arrived in an exploration spaceship and is studying the planet´s population.

In "Ring of Swords" you see an apparently all-male race of aliens bent on looking for enemies across the galaxy on whom to vent their warlike tendencies. Truth is that back at home it is women who rule. Women are the leaders, politicains,people of power, and they consider males too irresponsible and aggresive to be kept close to women and children. It depicts a society in which the worst insult is "product of an ill-considered insemination" for intercourse between male and female is forbidden by law, and disgusting to all...except secrent deviants. Their society is interstingly shown through the eyes of a human prisoner (male)who now works for them as interpreter and a human biologist (female) who is among the team involved in setting up a truce between earth and the aliens. I liked them both.

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