[info]ide_cyan @ 06:53 am: I've already brought this up here, a few months earlier, when you first posted about the book.

In The Two of Them, Russ explicitly references Wilhelm's novel. On page 142 of my Women's Press edition, Irene says to Ernst: "Give me the Clewiston Test when we get back to Center; see if I'm mad."

Anne Clewiston, the title character and protagonist of Kate Wilhelm's novel, published a few years before Russ's, is a scientist whose sanity is put into doubt by her husband, during a period where she's forced to be dependent on him (while she's recoving from severe injuries). It's *really* really interesting to see the dialogue between the two books. They both describe the collapse of a partnership between a woman and a man, when she finds out that she can't trust him, but in very different ways. And the whole theme of captivity and insanity, for the animal test subjects in Wilhelm's book, and Aunt Dunya in Russ's book. And the political dynamics at work when captors ascribe insanity to captives.

You really should take a look at that book.


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