[info]kaiz @ 04:29 am: Thirteen definitely seems like something I should put on my wishlist! :-)

I really enjoyed A Companion to Wolves, also. I agree, the names got a bit confusing--thank god there was a cast list up front! :-) I thought that the whole book was a pretty gritty (and subtle) rebuttal to all rainbow and kittens-ification of the animal companion genre.

Re. the no female wolfcarls...I know that it wasn't explicitly mentioned, but I got the feeling that the problem was really related to occupation (the fact that the wolfcarls were warriors) and the possibility of pregnancy. If the wolf enclaves were mixed sex, they'd run the risk of having pregnant female fighters. And having an all female fighting force wouldn't be practical. So, what you're kind of left with is an all male enclave/fighting force which is presumably how things were before they figured out how to bond with the wolves. Just a guess.


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