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10:06 pm: My thoughts on Acacia, let me show them to you.


Date:May 28th, 2008 02:50 pm (UTC)
Good... er, rant-type thing. I've made a note to avoid Acacia now.

Your five points gave me an idea... have you read any Robin Hobb? She writes some very good epic fantasy (three trilogies, none of which involve precisely the same characters, although there are commonalities.) This particularly applies to 4) and 5)... of nine books, six feature the same main character, aging from a small child to a man of thirty-five, and in between the intrigue and violence and whatever, she manages to show his life as well. It's not very fun for him at times, though.

And there's some very messed-up royals as well. Of three princes, the eldest (MC's father) abdicates and then gets killed in an accident, the youngest turns out to be a full-on psycho, and the middle one(the actual King) turns out to be a real politician, which was refreshing.

The first of the three trilogies is the Farseer trilogy. First book in that series is Assassin's Apprentice.
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