[info]slimshadowen @ 12:34 am: Awesome rant, as always.
I'm actually pretty good for this on my current project. (It's not technically epic, but it's getting long enough to count.)

1) Occasionally, we see the viewpoint of another character, but that's just the setup to the "punchline" of the main character's point of view. And, luckily, her view does not (always) coincide with objective reality, if indeed there is such a thing.

2) How about someone who becomes a god, not because of destiny, but by dint of skill and talent and determination at her chosen field, and then a very happy accident?

3) A sort of lazy, everyday evil, to paraphrase Pratchett, is what's behind most of the "bad guys" in this story. The exceptions are the real scum who have to go and get all proactive, but even they weren't born evil. They're only human, after all. Most of them.

4) Aside from her occupation, the main character has a pretty normal life. She makes friends, influences people, eventually has some kids (she never gets married, tho'). What friendships she makes on the run are short-lived because once they stop running together their paths split off. She likes to...well, everything. Eat, sleep, exercise, fuck, read, listen to music, play music (though she doesn't get into it enough to write her own), spar (though because of her occupation and that she does it for enjoyment, she's more of a stuntperson or performer than a real warrior), talk.

Man, does she talk.

5) Not much violence. Plenty of sex, but usually a very mature treatment of it. She works for a living, loves people who betrayed her because, well, she loved them beforehand and it really was a minor betrayal, as these things go, but when someone crosses her before she gets to know them she can hold a grudge for pretty much ever... And her friends are not solely defined by their affection for her. A scholar and a soldier enjoy each other's company; a barbarian and a princess get to know each other; an angel and a devil get along. And while she's the catalyst for bringing them together, she's not why the relationships end up working.

So if I wanted to make it epic fantasy, I'd have a good platform from which to start.

(Wo)Man, you rock.


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