[info]arterialspray @ 05:34 am: "You know, it's all very sweet; stealing from the rich, selling to the poor..."
-- Wash, 'Firefly'

I also found RSURS to be less enjoyable overall than LLL. I'm not entirely sure why...I suppose it seemed too episodic and incohesive or something. LLL had a fairly linear story, with one (big, messy) complication to resolve; but RSURS sort of lurched from one complication (the robbery of the tower) to another only marginally related complication (wherein Locke and Jean decide to join the Pirates of the Caribbean).

Anyway, I found a couple of books recently you might like, if you haven't already read them: "Mistborn", and "The Well of Ascension", both by Brandon Sanderson. They are parts one and two of a trilogy due to be completed next year (though the first book is essentially a self-contained novel in itself, with a very satisfying ending). The entire time I was reading them I was strongly reminded of several past Limyaaelian rants.


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