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10:11 am: The legal system, punishments, judgment, and "justice"


Date:October 14th, 2007 07:22 am (UTC)

Re: [Example] Unicorn Orc Justice

(continued from above)

6. What Are the Punishments Like?

Restitution is popular. Usually returning the item stolen or paying its value if it is not returnable, plus an additional amount to make the thief think about stealing things again.

Bound service is also used. The criminal working for the victim or the victim's family for a period of time. In some cases the perp has been forced to wed the victim's widow to take her husband's place. More often than one would think this means a life of utter misery for the perpetrator.

Mutilation in any form is not used. That is an effective death sentence in Unicorn Orc society given their environment and their way of life.

Ostracizing is used, as is outlawing. Neither is permanent, and usually lasts but a season or a year. Outlawing means that one can deal with the outlaw as one wishes. Ostracizing means that one has nothing to do with the subject, unless on has authorization from family/clan etc. Most often authorization is given so that gifts of basic necessities may be given to the individual being punished. As an alternative one can drop an item of clothing or food near the convict, and declare that one is discarding the item. The convict then has the right to take that item for his own. Many ostracized convicts carry around a "discard bowl" for that purpose.

Death is only for specific purposes. Most of the time restitution, bound service, or outlawing is applied instead. It is customary to pay the convict's family some form of restitution for his death, in order to prevent vendettas and feuds.

Because of orc psychology exile is almost never used. An exiled orc tends to go into a deep depression and becomes suicidal. More often than not a suicidal orc is also a homicidal orc. On rare occasion exile may be used on a Unicorn Orc, but only when it is known that he has friends outside Unicorn Orc lands who are willing to adopt him as one of their own. Thus the rare Unicorn Orc has found himself becoming a member of a goblin, halfling, wolf-folk, human, elven, or even dwarven family and often starts to think of himself as such.

7. Could You Sum Up, Please?

Unicorn Orc law is meant to keep the peace between families etc. On occasion permission is given for a family feud or clan war to take place when justice is not possible for some reason. Tribal and national wars are possible, but have happened rarely in Unicorn Orc history. When conflicts occur between families etc. they are most often done surreptitiously. Skirmishes out on the plains or between hunting parties. Such as known as Shadow Feuds, and fatalities during such are very often reported as hunting accidents. It is due to these hunting accidents that lions, wolves, and even antelope have gained a fearsome reputation as archers, spearmen, and even swordsmen in Unicorn Orc folktales. When this sort of thing is starting to get out of hand, an animal of the type said to have done the deed will be captured, tried, and then punished if convicted. After which both sides in the Shadow Feud are strongly advised to chill lest they both find themselves the targets of an internal clan/tribal etc. vendetta.

And that is a look at how the Unicorn Orcs handle crime and punishment.
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