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10:11 am: The legal system, punishments, judgment, and "justice"


Date:October 11th, 2007 09:15 pm (UTC)

Re: Say, Limmy...

"I'm absolutely in love with gorgonopsids..."

Isn't everyone? Writing superb apex predators like those, even from a human point of view, is lots of fun. Especially when they're hungry. Same goes for their distant cousins, the anteosaurs. One of those (a very old, very large Titanophoneus potens) presents a serious initial problem in my story.

Also, out of curiosity, are you using Inostrancevia, Gorgonops, or (most likely) a completely made-up group of the genus?

P.S. Don't think "I'll never get published." Tons of people get published. Just takes time, effort (one of my creative writing teachers claimed to have wallpapered a room with the rejection slips he received), and an interesting premise (which you certainly have.)
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