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10:11 am: The legal system, punishments, judgment, and "justice"


Date:October 2nd, 2007 12:51 am (UTC)
Note that in the real world, taking advantage of an obsolete law doesn't always work out well. Example: A Hudson Valley landowner realized that a bunch of farmers owed him feudal dues -- which were way overdue. (This was after NYState had already passed a law to abolish feudalism. And feudalism had never taken hold in that area.)

The result: the Tin Horn Rebellion, during which farmers and their allies disguised themselves as Indians to fight back against this kind of crap. Indirect results included part of the impetus for forming the Anti-Masonic Party (whose first and only Presidential candidate was a Mason....)

Oh -- and a law was passed against disguising oneself as an Indian. Which was used in New York City (through the 1960s, I think) to arrest gay men who wore makeup.
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