(Anonymous) @ 05:12 pm: Re: Say, Limmy...
Eh, that's pretty close to my idea (I've got a short story in progress), but not enough that we're unknowingly riffing off each other.

For starters, I like my way of cutting off the continents better (something like a magically-imposed barrier), and I'm not using dinosaurs in my story. Strictly Mid-Late Permian.

Marine reptiles stuck around in the land that wasn't cut off, though, while the new one doesn't have any marine life above fish and a few small mesosaurs (and China Mieville's already used the concept of surviving Dinicthys/Dunkleosteus, so I'm not inclined to recycle it and have any major marine predators past sharks.)

Although we're both using therapsids. That could be a problem. Hmm...what branches of the group are you working with?

I've also got an idea kicking around for a couple centuries down the line, when the colonists' homeland finds itself facing problems from a different barrier collapsing and putting the nation-state face-to-face with a species evolved from their world's variant of Phorusrhacos.


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