[info]tobiascrazy @ 03:59 am: I find myself suddenly, oddly fascinated with the idea of a cannabilistic culture. In this hypothetical culture, the idea is that when you die, you are cooked and eaten by your fellows, and through this you continue to provide aid to your clan(or village or whatever - that's not important) even after your death. Thus your spirit is merged into the broader village spirit. This is idealised.

The relevance is this: if you were to break a law(or perhaps just a really important one), the punishment wouldn't be that you're killed and eaten. It would be that when you die, nobody would eat you. You would not provide the necessary posthumous aid to your clan, or however you want to word that, and thus your spirit would, rather than joining together with the greater spirit of your clan which contains the spirits of all those who have ever been a part of the clan - your parents and their parents, et cetera, and where your lovers and your children will inevitably go, your spirit will instead be forever isolated from that.

...I'm inspired.


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