[info]sinande @ 08:38 pm: Re: Say, Limmy...
Damn you (no, actually LOVE you for bringing this up), that's just what I'm doing right now. An island continent split off for millions of years, stuck with therapsids and dinosaurs and early birds and all that stuff. A couple of them will be sentient (one from the bird and one from the therapsid side, according to plans). And of course there will be the late arrivals (humans first, then a few thousand years later elves... hehe, elves who have the best ships in the world) who can mess things up really thoroughly.

(Yeah, I'm marching towards a BSc in Biology or Evolutionary Biology right now.)

It's still in the early stages, though. I think the idea itself is only a few months, perhaps a year old. So no stories for you yet, unfortunately.

(by the way, you get billions, not 300 million, of years, though the first 3 of them aren't that interesting fantasy-wise (more potential for sci-fi, I think)... but look at the Burgess Shale. THERE are some weird critters.


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