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08:42 pm: More answers to poll questions.

[info]beccastareyes- Nope, not really. I don't have good hand-and-eye coordination or much patience, so I'm not good at things like cooking. I enjoy sandwiches and raw fruit best.

[info]dani_meows -- The (dis)honor of my least favorite book ever has to go to Terry Goodkind's Temple of the Winds. If you don't want spoilers for that book touching your virgin eyes because you actually intend to read it someday you poor fool, look away now!

Every book in the series sees the main couple, Richard and Kahlan, being convinced that the other person in the couple doesn't actually love them, but this one is especially ridiculous. In this one, Richard and Kahlan have to marry different people for the sake of a prophecy. Richard is convinced Kahlan doesn't love him anymore, even though she only agreed to marry the other guy to save the world, and Kahlan is acting like a spineless martyr- the usual song and dance for these books. (How I got four into the series, I will never know. Base it on my not having read a lot of good fantasy at that period, but already having become resigned to the fact that I would love nothing as fiercely as I loved Tolkien. Which also changed later). So it turns out that things are arranged so that Richard and Kahlan actually sleep together, while still fulfilling the letter of the prophecy, and the other married couple are their respective bride and groom. Only the guy whom Kahlan was supposed to marry is a serial murderer, so he kills the girl involved, and meanwhile Richard blames Kahlan.

I stopped there. Which is a good thing, because the next book has the chicken that is not a chicken, but evil manifest. Read this and weep that there are still people who think Terry Goodkind is the height of fantasy writing.

[info]pyrasaur -- I haven't had ice cream in so long that I had to take a while to think about this, but. Mint chocolate chip, I think.

[info]dryaunda -- I don't understand much about transhumanism; if I did, my feelings might be different. Mainly, it appeals to me as an abstract concept but not as a reality. I don't fear death, and I am doing what I can to train myself not to fear age by thinking of it every day. And my philosophy runs close to the ideal of chosen limitation; you don't do some things that you could do because holding back leaves room and freedom for others. As I understand it, transhumanism is about aspiring beyond all limitations. I'm cordially against that unless a way can be found to ensure that all humans have an equal chance at it, because it would change human life so dramatically, and also that people who didn't want to enter it would have a chance to opt out.

[info]geekling -- Neither. I prefer perilous unicorns who kill you if you touch them. The karkadann is more my ideal than the European unicorn.

[info]jesuitfluff -- Never! The only way I would lose all respect for you is if you ran away and joined the Scientologists.

[info]incredibleidiot -- If the plot hasn't shown up by a hundred pages or so in, I get restive. If there are bits and pieces that could become a plot, I'll wait. But if the entire story is meandering, or keeps dropping old characters and picking up new ones without returning, or seems to introduce big themes and then leave them to rot, I put the book down.

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Date:August 19th, 2007 07:41 am (UTC)
As I understand it, transhumanism is about aspiring beyond all limitations. I'm cordially against that unless a way can be found to ensure that all humans have an equal chance at it[.]

Given that I use a leftist newspaper's voting guide to chose candidates and propositions, I'm not just going through the motions of good words and prayer when I say that I support enhancement equity. Things become difficult for me when it becomes equity of opportunity vs. equity of outcome; I oppose being forbidden to enhance myself because financial luck doesn't affect humanity fairly.

Since you're looking for political SF, there's a short story (later made into a film) by Kurt Vonnegut called Harrison Bergeron which is all about enforced egalitarianism. While I'm not worried about a handicapping implant, I constantly fret about having victimless brain enhancement made a crime because of the immediate price tag. Nonfiction works worth looking into are Wondergenes, which argues that a global police force should prevent enhancement from being hereditary*, and The Future and Its Enemies, which argues that opposition to new technology† leads to social stasis.

*(I wonder what the author's opinion of inheritance law is, since people could buy whatever genetic enhancement the law kept them from inheriting.)
†(Said opponents are always quick to point out that they're not luddites, nuh-uh; they're all for technology like sustainable energy and...sustainable energy! Nothing that could threaten jobs though, like being able to buy a better brain.)

The only way I would lose all respect for you is if you ran away and joined the Scientologists.

I actually know a sane Scientologist, the only OT3 she's interested is the threesome kind. The closest I've ever seen her come to acting the stereotypical role are when she opines against pumping kids full of psychotropic medication just to shut them up.

Don't worry, I think the whole CoS is corrupt too, and I just as religious as you are.
Date:February 26th, 2017 10:11 pm (UTC)



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