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10:25 pm: First round of poll answers:

[info]tasllyn: The first fantasy book I remember reading is The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, because I'd seen the animated movie and wanted the book. Before that, I'd had a book called Catwitch read to me.

[info]kellicat: I do, though it's more on Bradley than just Darkover. Here it is.

[info]darkredd: Well, that would depend entirely if the pirate or the ninja were fighting on water or on land, wouldn't it?

[info]barhah: I think there are some really interesting and funny ideas on the Evil Overlord List, but I get uneasy whenever I hear people referring to it as a "Bible." After all, there are some fatigued scenarios it has to have left out, and ideas on there that might still be good if written properly.

[info]jetamors: My strongest point as a writer is characterization; I feel as though I can get inside people's heads and do a good enough job to make odd mindsets and motivations comprehensible. My weakest point is figuring out how to improve. For example, I think I should work more on physical description, but then I wonder whether that's really a problem and if I shouldn't work on something else.

[info]suzene: It would be much easier to answer this question if I had seen more animal sidekicks done well. As it is, I'd have to say they're something I love, but more as a guilty pleasure than because I think they're a good addition to a fantasy story.

[info]acaciaonnastik: Collapse, usually. I get wound up to a fever pitch either with anger or excitement, and then I'm an utter emotional basket case and have to go to bed.

[info]emilie_burns: I have a few other icons, but mainly I don't use them because I just forget. If you have time/willingness/patience, I'd love an icon with the phrase, "No matter how subtle the wizard, a knife between the shoulder blades will seriously cramp his style," if that's not too long- maybe it could be animated? or a custom IJ layout in forest green.

[info]cat_i_th_adage: Obviously, parsley is scarier. Nutmeg does not have that smell. (Seriously, parsley and green beans make my stomach queasy with their odors).

Ask me more questions!

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Date:August 18th, 2007 04:16 am (UTC)
What is the meaning of life? Or, actually, at what point in a standard length novel do you expect the plot to rear its ugly head? (In terms of pages, chapters, things happening, or any other unit of currency.)
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