(Anonymous) @ 07:33 pm: believing anyway
Regarding what you said about having serious doubts about your hallucinations/delusions, and believing them anyway, in real life Schizophrenia, at least, can really be like that. YOu may know intellectually that the delusion is not real, but that does not mean the underlying conviction that, to take one example, you're being watched all the time is going to be fundamentally shaken. You can know the evidence is against it, but that's not going to completely change your perceptions because the conviction isn't a product of evidence and logical thinking anyway: all it will do is possibly influence how you respond to the delusion, and even then, the intellectual side isn't always going to win. If that sounds screwy, well, mental illness is screwy (similar disjointedness may occur with other mental illnesses. You may know that you turned your stove off, but if your OCD insists that you might not have, you'll still have to go back and check. Again.)


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