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October 6th, 2005

08:06 pm: Conlang rant- worldbuilding
The last of the conlang rants, on more general ideas when coming up with specific languages in fantasy worlds.

Here we go )

And that is the last of the conlang rants. Next up: keeping static worlds plausible, and then a poll.

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October 3rd, 2005

11:43 pm: Nouns, pronouns, and stuff, with a garnish of Finnish
A bunch of stuff that doesn’t fit in either the last part I want to write or the last part I wrote.

Yeah, that’s vague. Deal.

Nouns, pronouns, and other stuff )

Last part of the rant, on specifically fantasy-based things that one can do, should be up on Wednesday.

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September 28th, 2005

11:17 pm: Making conlangs: More basic considerations and the grammar of verbs
Second part of the conlang rant; this deals mostly with grammar. And this will definitely have to be four parts, now, in order to fit everything in that I want to.

Read more... )

Jesus. Nouns and pronouns later. Damn thing.

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September 24th, 2005

08:01 pm: Making a language: Basics/phonology
This rant will, obviously, include bits of what drives me up the walls about some fantasy conlangs (constructed languages), but much more of it is on making them.

It's also, um, a multi-part rant, probably with three or four different parts. So expect to see more chatter on the subject.

Because I really do love them )

I’m starting to shade into grammar, so I’ll stop here. But first, some useful links:

Ardalambion (Of the Tongues of Arda)- Massive, masterful site on Tolkien’s languages.
The Babel Text Archive- This is an old site, but its link to the new one doesn’t seem to work. It’s a collection of translations of the story of the Tower of Babel into various languages, natural and invented. Some links are broken, but in the ones that work, you can see how the languages function to translate the story.
Conlangs A-Z- An enormous list of constructed languages.
The Language Construction Kit- Enormously useful, detailed breakdown of the process of building an artificial language.

And that’s all for tonight.

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June 18th, 2004

12:10 am: The linguistic dimension of history is tired of being ignored.
Once again, totally random.

Linguistics in fantasy shouldn't extend to just inventing languages... )

Random, perhaps, but I think language could provide a lot of very fresh plot points...and it gets ignored in favor of those already used instead.

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January 27th, 2004

05:17 pm: On making non-human languages.
Sorry for the update so late in the day; I was enjoying my day off. :)

I've already done a specific post on language, but mostly on things like not scattering apost'rophes in random places. This focuses on language construction, and some of the things you can do to make your language more non-human (mostly violating earth universals).

That's called a 'talee' in Elvish, and that doesn't even exist... )

I don't think making a language that's convincingly alien is as hard as people think- especially when a lot of fantasy languages are English or Tolkien clones. *sigh*

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