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April 22nd, 2017

snopes_dot_com @ 08:24 pm: Were Power Outages in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York Caused by Cyberattacks?
The power outages did not take place simultaneously, and they appear to have been caused by physical mechanical failures.

snopes_dot_com @ 07:37 pm: Is This a Real Sea Roach?
A video purportedly showing a sea roach actually shows an animatronic sea mite from the movie "Pacific Rim."

snopes_dot_com @ 06:23 pm: Marvel Promotes Captain America Event With Shirts Promoting Nazi-Linked Group
Critics said the company's attempt to recast 'Hydra' was 'sensationalistic garbage.'

snopes_dot_com @ 05:16 pm: Did a Counterterrorism Expert Call For ISIS to Bomb a Trump Building?
Malcolm Nance's tweet was taken out of context in a "viral game of telephone".

snopes_dot_com @ 03:37 am: Robots with Guns: The Rise of Autonomous Weapons Systems
Weapons systems of the future will be capable of waging war without human intervention; the question is, should we let them?

snopes_dot_com @ 02:52 am: UC Berkeley Threatened with Lawsuit Over Ann Coulter Speech
Organizers demanded that the right-wing author's appearance be rescheduled outside of "dead week" on campus.

April 21st, 2017

snopes_dot_com @ 09:46 pm: Did It Rain Black Stones on Turkey?
A video purportedly showing black stones raining from the sky in Turkey actually depicts an ordinary hailstorm.

snopes_dot_com @ 08:57 pm: Hammerhead Salamander Photograph
An image purportedly showing a real "hammerhead salamander" is actually a model of an extinct diplocaulus.

snopes_dot_com @ 06:03 pm: Was Mia Khalifa Diagnosed with HIV?
Rumors that the porn star is HIV-positive originated on a fake news web site.

snopes_dot_com @ 05:27 pm: Did North Korea Display Fake Missiles During a Military Parade?
Although something may have appeared odd about weapons seen during a North Korean military parade, the claim that the country's missiles are fake is only speculation.

snopes_dot_com @ 04:24 pm: Did a New York Restaurant Refuse to Serve a United States Soldier?
A photograph from a television shoot was used to claim Villaggio's in Massapequa, New York shunned a military member because he visited with a service dog.

snopes_dot_com @ 03:39 pm: Was Paul Walkers Ghost Spotted on a Fast and Furious Movie Set?
An image purportedly showing the ghost of Paul Walker is actually an altered photograph of the actor's brother.

snopes_dot_com @ 12:58 pm: Was Julian Assange Found Dead in a London Alley?
A fake news item appeared to report that Wikileaks' founder was kidnapped from the Ecuadorean embassy in London and his body was dumped in an alley.

snopes_dot_com @ 12:36 pm: Cuba Gooding Sr. Found Dead
The Main Ingredients singer (and father of actor Cuba Gooding Jr.) was found unresponsive in his car in the San Fernando Valley on 20 April 2017.

snopes_dot_com @ 01:20 am: Was a Protester Throwing Explosives Into a Berkeley Crowd Before She Was Punched?
There's no evidence Louise Rosealma was using a glass bottle she appeared to be holding as an incendiary device.

snopes_dot_com @ 12:55 am: Did Jeff Sessions Say Hes Amazed a Judge On an Island in the Pacific Can Block Executive Orders?
The Trump administration's Attorney General expressed his amazement on a radio talk show.

April 20th, 2017

snopes_dot_com @ 11:14 pm: Will Aaron Hernandezs Family Receive $15 Million from the NFL?
Aaron Hernandez's conviction could be vacated under the obscure legal doctrine of abatement ab initio, but that won't necessarily entitle his family to millions of dollars.

snopes_dot_com @ 11:05 pm: Hate Crime Charges Dropped Against Baltimore Teens Who Burned Trump Sign
Officials initially said that the teens showed "discrimination or malice toward a particular group" in burning the sign.

snopes_dot_com @ 10:28 pm: Did the Trumps Invite Mostly White Children to the White House Easter Egg Roll?
Three local public school districts that were invited to past Easter Egg Roll events were not invited this year.

snopes_dot_com @ 08:27 pm: Florida Man, High on Meth, Cuts Off Genitals and Feeds Them to Alligator?
Fake news sources reported that a man from Nassau County was found writhing in pain after amputating his own genitals.

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