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August 17th, 2017

dani_meows @ 01:31 pm: I made it all the way upstairs and managed to make one whole icon, lol.

I'm still really tired and I don't know if it's the pill entirely or if I've got a slight cold/allergy thing.

I'll probably end up taking an afternoon nap, Ian's already promised not to wake me.

In the good news side of things I made an experimental dish in the crock pot last night and it tasted amazing. Tikka Masala.

My skin is still tingly with improved circulation and all that cilantro makes me want a big bowl of pho.

I also want to figure out how to prevent my pictures from becoming too small on dreamwidth so that I can type up a few recipes.

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snopes_dot_com @ 04:54 pm: Is There an Alt-Left?
The term "alt-right" was invented by the movement it describes; the term "alt-left" was invented to discredit their ideological opposites.

snopes_dot_com @ 03:48 pm: Terrorist Van Attack Kills 13 People, Injures 50 in Barcelona
The incident took place in the city's historic Las Ramblas district.

snopes_dot_com @ 02:53 pm: Donald Trump Criticizes Foolish Removal of Confederate Monuments
The President also attacked Republican Senators who had been critical of his comments about white supremacists and neo-Nazis.

snopes_dot_com @ 02:14 pm: Activist Malala Yousafzai Accepted to Study at the University of Oxford
The 20-year-old was shot by the Taliban at the age of 15 for agitating for the right to an education

snopes_dot_com @ 01:39 pm: Powerball Jackpot Climbs to $510 Million, 8th Largest
The odds of winning the Powerball jackpot are one in 292.2 million.

snopes_dot_com @ 04:30 am: Did Antifa Stab a Vermont Man for Not Condemning a Nazi?
Sam Wormer contradicted a dubious account of an injury he posted on social media.

August 16th, 2017

dani_meows @ 10:45 pm: Have been dizzy and unable to climb stairs, side effect of meds. Have been cooking good food and sleeping a ton.

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snopes_dot_com @ 11:43 pm: Daily Caller, Fox News Delete Video Celebrating Liberal Protesters Getting Pushed Out of the Way
A controversial January article from Daily Caller, which was picked up by Fox News, has been quietly scrubbed from both outlets websites.

snopes_dot_com @ 11:38 pm: Is There a Class Action Lawsuit for People Who Got Robocalls From Cruise Companies?
News articles accurately describe the settlement and compensation terms of a real lawsuit involving major cruise companies.

snopes_dot_com @ 11:02 pm: Did Abraham Lincoln Express Opposition to Racial Equality?
An authentic quote from Lincoln has attracted renewed attention, along with some commentary that oversimplifies his views on race.

snopes_dot_com @ 10:36 pm: Leftist Activists Demand New York Museum Take Down Statue of Racist Theodore Roosevelt?
Clashes with neo-Nazis in Charlottesville did not inspire "leftists" to demand the removal of a statue of Theodore Roosevelt in New York City.

snopes_dot_com @ 08:46 pm: Antifa Flyers Call For the Murder of White Children?
Flyers calling for the murder of white children were not created or distributed by an anti-fascist group.

snopes_dot_com @ 07:30 pm: Was White Supremacist Who Killed Protester a Democrat Who Visited Obama in Oval Office?
Fake news web sites floated an incoherent story alleging that a white supremacist arrested for vehicular attack in Charlottesville, Virginia is a Democrat who met with Obama in the White House.

snopes_dot_com @ 07:09 pm: Did Trump Call White Supremacists Us During a Press Conference?
A transcript of Trump's remarks appeared to show him aligning himself with neo-Nazi marchers, but audio of the specific remark is unclear.

snopes_dot_com @ 02:12 pm: Donald Trump Again Blames Both Sides for Charlottesville Violence
The President appeared to cancel out his earlier unequivocal condemnation of white supremacists and neo-Nazis, provoking widespread criticism.

snopes_dot_com @ 01:41 pm: Confederate Monuments Removed Overnight in Baltimore
Days after a deadly white supremacist rally in Virginia that was sparked by plans to take down a Confederate statue, officials removed similar statues in Baltimore.

snopes_dot_com @ 02:36 am: Activists Criticize Alameda County Sheriffs For Sharing White Nationalists Tweet
Sgt. Ray Kelly blamed "a comedy of errors" for retweeting a livestream aired by Richard Spencer.

snopes_dot_com @ 02:06 am: Did the Attorney General of Alabama Once Tell the Ku Klux Klan to Kiss My Ass?
Bill Baxley wrote the famously succinct letter to a KKK Grand Dragon in 1976 in response to threats intended to intimidate him.

snopes_dot_com @ 01:42 am: Has Iceland Eliminated Down Syndrome Through Abortion?
A report by CBS News highlights a nearly 100 percent termination rate in the pregnancies of Icelandic women whose fetuses test positive for Down syndrome in genetic screenings, but some have mischaracterized this report.

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