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12:55 pm: Reviews of a few of the books I finished recently


Date:October 18th, 2010 12:11 am (UTC)

Magic Bites (and Burns and Bleeds and does lots of things apparently)

I must admit I'd like to see your reviews of more of the Magic series. One thing I particularly enjoy about this is that the United States doesn't promptly fall apart with the slow loss of technology, but remains a viable political entity (I've always found it annoying how quickly scifi and urban fantasy writers are to write off the United States as one political entity... as if they have no faith in us as a society). And having a female protagonist who sees her flaws and tries to work through them is refreshing.

Yeah, she does end up hooking up with another character but... oddly enough, it seems to work. It makes sense (especially as her shifters are not portrayed as just furry humans but rather as having a boatload of instincts that influence their behaviors and mannerisms).

It'll be interesting to see how Book 5 comes out, as apparently it needs an extensive rewrite according to her website. But Book 4 needed one as well - it seems Andrews has an editor who cares for her profession and who tries to ensure her writers put out the best works out there.

I kinda suspect you'd be similar if you went into editing. You seem to have a passion for having things written well. ^^

Rob H., Tangents Reviews
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