[info]nerem @ 05:14 am: Lesbians who don't die in scifi?
Does Japanese scifi count? I can name a few from there, probably the easiest off the top of my head is Mimi from Daughters of Mnemosyne, which is an EXTREMELY dark scifi/fantasy (more and more scifi as time goes on, as it starts in 1990 and is so far in 2025+) but its pretty good so far...

Or, alternately, Metis from Persona 3: The Answer, which is technically scifi/fantasy as well - she's a fully functional android, though realistically she doesn't have any actual genitals or anything - but her body is femininely shaped. She's desperately in love with her 'sister', Aigis, and will do anything to protect her. She doesn't die but its... rather touching.


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