[info]kellicat @ 10:36 pm: I find your review of Magic or Madness interesting because I read the entire trilogy about a year ago. I agree with your review of the first book and I would like to point out some problems with the next two books.

1. I found that the author grew very condescending towards J.T. and Tom. It was good that they weren't Mary Sues, but I found the condescension very irritating by the end of the trilogy.

2. If you found Reason's passivity annoying in the first book, you'll find the second book really annoying. It takes until the third book for Reason to act.

3. There is one major plot point in the second book that any experienced reader of fantasy will be able to spot a mile away, but it takes the characters almost the entire book for them to figure out. When the epiphany finally came, it seemed like a case of genre blindness and plot-induced stupidity

On the other hand, the trilogy had an excellent climax and an excellent final chapter. The climax was satisfying without being sappy and the ending made it clear that that the characters would have lives after the ending.

In short, the Magic or Madness trilogy is well worth reading all the way through, but it's just okay, not great.


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