(Anonymous) @ 03:28 am: Hallo Limyaael,

I've been reading your rants for a while with great interest - first let me say that I love them. I love seeing that I'm not the only one who's nitpicky and hates bad worldbuilding. ^___^

My friend's writing a fantasy series (really she is, I'm not using "a friend" to mean me, I don't have the focus to plot like that; I send her your rants when I don't have time to write personalized concrit :D) that takes a lot of fantasy cliches and uses them in varying ways, and I was wondering what your opinion would be on some of them.

For example, the main character is the son of the evil queen, like they all are, but he finds this out really early on and has to deal with it for the rest of the series, as well as with the fact that he himself was an evil little bastard growing up. (Yes, he wakes up with amnesia.) Likewise, the stereotypical gorgeous-female-companion-with-whom-the-hero-is-in-love turns out to be evil, but she then becomes the main villain and he has to fight her at length. (For the record, she's a well-thought-out character.)

(On the other hand, there's an old hag who is really, really unrepentantly cliche, and I must confess I love her just because of how she makes the hero squirm.)

Unfortunately she has one of those bickering couples and I have not been able to convince her to put some actual romantic tension in there. :(



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